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Welcome To Cold Craft, Inc.

Here at Cold Craft we are so confident about our technical work that our equipment installations are backed by both a 100% Money Back Guarantee and a No Lemon Warrantee.
I don't know of any other HVACR company offerring the same warrantees and guarantees that Cold Craft, Inc. does.  I'm sure you have heard companies that state "We stand behind our work." Well Cold Craft says that too but it is true and let me tell you of an occasion in 2012 where we did not charge the customer a dime when he was not happy after the furnace was installed in a residence.
What I am about to tell you about Cold Craft is something that you may be shocked at.  Why would a company reveal a story about a dissatisfied customer on the front page of their website?  Well this is to prove a point, and to prove we are a credible company and one with integrity and to let you know you that there really is no risk to using Cold Craft, Inc. for your HVACR equipment installation.
It was late spring 2012 when this customer decided to install a high efficient furnace in their home.  They had been complaining of uneven temperatures in their home and wanted to upgrade the furnace with their income tax refund.  
Our top sales person with years of sales experience discussed the the options at the customer's home. He spent a lot of time making sure that the family was picking the best furnace for them and the details of the installation.   They chose a high efficiency condensing furnace.  This type of furnace burns the gas more than one time to maximize the efficiency. The words condensing furnace means that there will be more water as a result of the inproved efficiency and that water is addresses through a PVC condensate line to bring that water outside the home just like with air conditioning and a PVC flue would need to be installed.
The sales person showed the type of condensate line and the potential places it would be run in order to remove this water from the home.  The customer agreed to these arrangements and the job was scheduled. The day of the installation when Cold Craft started to install this condensate line in a location where it was not visible from the outside of the home.  
When the job was completed the spouse of the person that ok'd the job did not like the condensate line.  Not the location of the condensate line so much but the condensate line itself. They wanted to keep the high efficient furnace but the spouse did not want any condensate line.  Cold Craft attempted to run this line several different ways to meet the needs of the customer and they still were not happy, and this install specifies the PVC flue and condensate line be used.  We discussed the 100% money back guarantee with the customer and they agreed that they did not want that condensate line.  So they signed the cancellation of the contract and Cold Craft removed the furnace and did not charge the customer.  The customer was free to choose their contractor of choice to replace the furnace.
What did we learn from this?  Well to start perhaps find some way to get buy in from both spouses. I'd tell you what we do now but it is a competitive advantage.  Although this is the first time Cold Craft had experienced this concern, we are even more clear on setting expectations with our customer.

Cold Craft, Inc. relies on the principles of continuous improvement, weekly training, manufacturer specific training and Cold Craft also uses the knowledge and experience of our on staff trainer that teaches at San Jose City College in the HVACR field.

I'm confident that you will be satisfied with Cold Craft, Inc. for your comfort cooling, heating and refrigeration - in fact I am so confident that we continue offer 100% Money Back Guarantee on our work. 
Don't take my word for it, check the third party testimonials on the Diamond Certified Website and remember that Diamond Certified guarantees our work too.  Then for technical ability please visit the NATE Certified site (North American Technical Excellence). Look under NATE Quality Circle Contractor and notice the number of technicians that are certified. 
When you are ready, we are here,

Susan Nichol


Cold Craft, Inc.

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